KERUI 433MHz Wireless Infrared Detector

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The item is wireless 433MHz PIR motion sensor, it adopt advance digital analysis processing, with high detecting and anti-false alarm function.
When people intrude into the detecting range and move, the detector will send signal to alarm panel. The product suit for house, residence, factory, store, office and so on.

*Ceiling/door/window PIR motion sensor, selectable alarm delay. 
*Imported sensors, SMT manufacturing process chip, resist RFI EMI interface.
*True temperature compensation technology, adjustable pulse count.
*Low power circuit design, more power-saving. Battery low voltage alarm indication, and prompt the host.
*LED indication: alarming(flash once) and low voltage prompt(3 seconds flash once).

External adapter: USB adapter external DC5V
Internal battery: 2*DC 1.5V  AAA battery (not included)
Quiescent current: <50uA
operating current: <25mA
Battery Life: 1 year
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz(±75 KHZ)
Modulation method: ASK
Wireless Distance: 100 meters(in open area) 
Detecting Range: 4-8 meters
Detector angle: 110 degrees
Detect Interval: 5S or 5Min
LED indication: flash one time(alarm); 3S flash once(low power)
Installation Way: Wall/Ceiling Hanging
Installation Height: 2m-4m Adjustable
Material: ABS, common white
Operating environment: -10°C to 50°C        
Humidity Range: ≤95% RH (No freezing)
Item Size(without bracket): Approx. 88 * 60 * 60mm / 3.5*2.4*2.4in
Item Weight(without bracket): Approx. 46g / 1.6oz  

Package Information:
Package Size: Approach. 9*8.3*6.5cm / 3.5*3.3*2.6in 
Package Weight: Approach. 114g / 4oz   

Package List:
1 * Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
1 * Mounting Bracket
1 * Set of Mounting Screws
1 * User Manual