KERUI D026 433MHz Wireless Door Window Magnetic Sensor

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Note: Ideal intrusion warning for homes, apartments, mobile homes, dorms, offices, hotel rooms, garages, etc. It needs to work with the KERUI alarm host.

*Door Sensor Separation Alarm Function: When A(transmitter) separates with B (Magnet) more than 1cm, instant light flashes 1s and it sends alarm signal to alarm panel immediately to prevent the intruders who attempt to sneak through doors and windows. .
*Low-voltage Reminder Function: When wireless door sensor is in low voltage, it will flash light once every 3s and send low voltage signal to alarm panel. Alarm host will voice prompt "Zone XX is in low power" to remind you to change the batteries.
*Tamper-proof Function: There is a tamper proof button in the back of A (transmitter), when the transmitter is removed, the tamper button would be triggered, then instant light flashes 1s and it sends alarm signal to alarm host at once.
*Doors Unclosed Reminder Function: If the door sensor is in separation state, the alarm host can't be armed when you go out and intend to arm it, and the host voice prompts "Zone XX is open" to remind you that the door isn't closed well.
*Compound multi-layer design. Built-in omnidirectional antenna. Superior circuit design. High-performance and low power consumption. It can also match the home decoration environment perfectly.

Power Supply: 12V 23A Battery (included)
Frequency: 433MHZ
Working Current: 20mA
Alarm Distance: ≥1cm
Wireless Distance: 100m (open area)
Material: Superior ABS 
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 55℃
Operating Humidity: Less than 80% (No Coagulation)
Size: Main body (D*W*H): 75*23*14mm
Deputy body (D*W*H): 52*16*11mm

Package Information:
Package Size: Approach. 7.6*3.3*2.5cm / 3*1.3*1in 
Package Weight: Approach. 50g / 1.8oz

Package List:
1* KERUI D026 Wireless Door/Window Detector
1 * User Manual (English)
1 * Set of Mounting Screws and Stickers