KERUI F52 Waterproof Touch Doorbell

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Note: This button can not work alone, it needs to work with the KERUI alarm system or doorbell.


Wireless 433 MHz F52 doorbell button adopted waterproof and touch button technology, can work with KERUI doorbells acting as a doorbell for your house, home or office and so on.
Also can be used as SOS/Emergency Button for KERUI Alarm system, which is usually put aside sitting room or living room where can be touched easily.

*Wireless 433MHz RF frequency touch button, ​long transmission distance, up to 100 meter in open area. It can work with KERUI alarm system and doorbell.
*Doorbell Button: In doorbell mode, and touch F52 button, doorbell will make a "Ding-dong" or Chime songs reminder. (F52 work with KERUI doorbell chime alarm M525, M8, M536 and M7 doorbell.)
*SOS/Emergency Button: In alarm mode, when any emergency thing happened, such as intruder in house, or heart attack etc, press the panic button to call the family member or caregiver for help.
*For the industries such as bank, post office, store and so on, it can be snugly stick on the hand or leg where is easy to touch. It has a small hole at the back side and can be hang by small rope like a necklace.
*Rainproof: Can be installed outdoors, do not worry about being drenched by rain.

Working voltage: 12V DC
Battery Type: 12V 23A (included)
Standby current: ≤5uA
RF frequency: 433.92 MHZ 
Transmitting current: ≤15mA
Operating temperature: Indoor -10 ~ 50C
Battery life: 1-2 year
Sending distance: 100m (open area)
Item Size: Approx. 50*50*16mm (L*W*H)
Item Weight: Approx. 40g / 1.4oz

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 5.2 * 5.2 * 1.8cm / 2 * 2 * 0.71in
Package Weight: Approx. 31g / 1.1oz              

Package List:
1* KERUI F52 Wireless Doorbell SOS Button
1* Double-sided Tape