Tuya WiFi Intelligent Door Sensors

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This door and window sen-sor is vital for you to use in your home or other places, with this tool, you can check the s-ensor status at your phones after connect the Tuya APP, which is utility and intelligent. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

Real time monitoring of door or window switch status, after connect with the Tuya APP, you can check the change on your phone.
Voice view function: After connect with the intellifent voice assistant like Alexa Google Home to check the status of s-ensor, which is convenient and intelligent.
History record function: You can check the door or window open or close history record on the Tuya APP, which can let you know the doors and window switch at any time.
When the door or window open or close, the door mag-net will immediately senses then sends the notifications to the Tuya APP.
Different scenarios linkage, you can use this intelligent s-ensor with other home devices, for example, you can use the door s-ensor with the alarm device and bulbs.
Wide application: You can use this sensors at home, store, office, mall, apartment or other places, which has wide ranges of uses.

Material: ABS
Color: white
WIFI: 2.4G (can be connected to router or phone)
Power: 2 * AAA battery (not included)
Item size: 93 * 40 * 20mm / 3.7 * 1.6 * 0.8in
Item weight: 45g / 1.6ounce
Package size: 100 * 58 * 25mm / 3.9 * 2.3 * 1.0in
Package weight: 58g / 2.0ounce

Packing list:
1 * Burglar AlarmSensors
1 * User Manual