X7 Wall-mounted Air Quality Detector HCHO CO2 Accurate Monitoring Sound Alarm for Home Office

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The air quality detector can detect HCHO and CO2 value, accurate monitoring, sound alarm exceed the limit. It is practical for home and office to know about the air quality of your living environment healthy or not.  

High-precision chip, detection signal amplification, anti-interference, more accurate.
HCHO is accurate to 1ug/m3, CO2 is accurate to 1ppm.
Large screen, data read at a glance.
Once the value exceeds the limit, it will immediately sound an alarm.
1200mAh polymer lithium battery, USB charge protection.
Easy installation by double-sided adhesive or pegs, mounted on the wall.
High-quality ABS safety material, strong and duarble.
Suitable for various places, home, office, etc.

Material: ABS
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Charge Method: 5VDC micro-usb interface
Operating Temperature: 0-50℃
Working Humidity: 0-90%RH
Response Time: <1 second
Item Size: 143 * 108 * 29mm / 5.63 * 4.25 * 1.14in
Item Weight: 190g / 6.7ounces
Package Weight: 330g / 11.64ounces
Package Size: 185 * 129 * 35mm / 7.28 * 5.08 * 1.38in

Packing List:
1 * Detecor
1 * Data Line
2 * Double-sided Adhesive
1 * Manual