12V eWelink Zigbee Valve Smart Water/Gas Valve

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Note: The water valve cannot be used alone, it needs to be connected to the eWelink Zigbee Gateway.

The Valve power by eWelink, you can shut or open the valve automatically with smart phone no matter where you are. Ever if you are away from home, the mobile phone can be remotely controlled, open the watering valve to water the farmland, water the garden, and close the gas valve.

Mobile phone APP eWelink remote control, you can shut or open the valve automatically far away from home. Make life more convenient and save time.
Compatible with water pipe ball valves, electric, manual control switches, and natural/liquid/tap gas, suitable for controlling water valves, natural gas valves, filling pools, farm watering plants.
The Zigbee smart valve compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, allows you shut-off/on your water valve via your voice.
Set timers to automatically open or close the valve. Applicable to new and old gas water pipeline valves, no additional piping, users can install it themselves.
In order to prevent power outages caused by the inability to use,there is a manual clutch at the bottom of the unit with a pull ring, which allows to move the lever to close or open the valve.

Installation Guide:
1. Valve controller installation must be on the same axis between valve controller axis and valve center axis, otherwise the valve can not be completely closed and opened.
2. After the valve controller is installed, the clutch pull ring can be pulled down manually, and the controller handle can be switched manually to check whether the valve switch is in place.

Power supply voltage: 12V
Communication technology: ZIGBEE
Wireless distance (outdoor): 10m
Valve pressure: 1.6Mpa
Valve specifications: 4 minutes, 6 minutes, 1 inch, 1.25 inch
Automatic valve closing time: 5 ~ 10 seconds
Automatic valve opening time: 5 ~ 10 seconds, Torque: 30 ~ 60kg.cm
Package Size: Approx. 13 * 12 * 9cm / 5.1 * 4.7 * 3.5in
Package Weight: Approx. 550g / 19.4oz              

Package List:
1 * Host
1 * Adapter(US/EU/UK/AU optional)
1 * User Manual (English)
1 * Set of Tube Clamps