Bike Bicycle Headset BB Bottom Bike Headset Cup and Bottom Bracket Press Installation Tool BB Install Tool

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The main body of the tool is made of tool steel, the surface is mirror electroplated, the screw is high-strength blackened screw, the screw diameter is 16MM, the length is 25CM.

Steel material, high toughness and strength.
High strength, not easy to fall off.
Simple and convenient, do not hurt bike and bowl set.
No deformation, surface anodizing, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.
Small size, easy to carry.

Material: steel
Color: silver+black
Item weight: 1100g / 2.4lb
Package size: 250 * 41 * 41mm / 9.8 * 1.6 * 1.6in
Package weight: 1200g / 2.6lb

Packing List:
1 * BB Install Tool