Gym Fitness T-bar For Pulley Cable Machine Back Muscle Workout Row V-shaped Bar Handle Rowing Machine Hand Grips

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This pulley bar fitness system can help users exercise triceps and other muscles. It can be installed at home, in the gym, etc. with strong bearing capacity, it can meet the exercise needs of users.

Providing fine versatility for your home gyms, training studios or various workout environments.
Using safety, users can adjust the training intensity according to their own needs.
It can be used to train arms, back, chest and abdomen.
The training function is rich and multi-functional, can be used as a variety of auxiliary training equipment.
Fine quality, comfortable grips and long service life.

Material: metal
Item size: 170 * 160mm / 6.7 * 6.3in
Item weight: 1130g / 2.5ounce
Package size: 200 * 180 * 180mm / 7.9 * 7.1 * 7.1in
Package weight: 1300g / 2.9ounce

Packing List:
1 * Row Handle