Adjustable Grip Strengthener Hand Exerciser 33-110lbs Gripper Hand Squeezer Wrist Forearms Strengthener Workout Training Equipment

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Improve strength of your hands, fingers, wrist and forearms, a nice trainer for musicians, athletes, golfers, rock climbers and tennis players.

Easy adjust from 33lb-110lb.
Fine steel spring, strong and durable.
Enhancing hand and finger grip strength, and build muscle of forearm.
Nice equipment for athletes, tennis players, fitness fanatics and rock climbers.
Portable design, suitable for exercise at home, office, workplace and gym.

Material: Steel 
Size: 17 * 12.5cm / 6.2 * 4.9in 
Weight: 357g / 12.5oz 
Package weight: 400g / 0.8oz

Package List:
1 * Hand Grip Strengthener 
1 * Hand Sling