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The mini USB shredder can be powered by USB power or 4*AA battery. It is very suitable for the smashing and confidentiality of counter bills used in financial and securities system business premises. The pulverized material is strips-shaped, 3 mm wide, and the shredded paper strips can be used as a packaging filler.

Mini and portable design, easy to carry around.
The paper shredder with wastebasket, keep your desk cleaning.
With a 229mm width entry slot for shredding paper, A6 or A4 size.
The cutter is inside, so children can use it safely.
Powered by 4 * AA batteries or USB cable, convenient to use. (Batteries are not included)
After cutting, the strips width is 3mm, it is nice to protect your information and privacy.
Support shredding receipts, checks, bills, envelopes, etc.
Suitable for home, school, office use.

Material: Plastics
Battery: 4 * AA Batteries (not included)
Cut Style: Strips Cut
Shred Width: 3mm
Entry Width:229mm
Item Size: 265 * 140 * 110mm / 10.4 * 5.5 * 4.3in
Item Weight: 657g / 1.4lb
Package Size: 285 * 160 * 125mm / 11.2 * 6.3 * 4.9in
Package Weight: 990g / 2.2lb

Please keep it away from kids and children.
Please do not put your fingers in the shredding slot.
Please insert paper only, do not put any staples, paper clips and other unrelated objects.

Packing List:
1 * Shredder
1 * Wastebasket
1 * USB Cable