LiitoKala lii-600 Li-ion-3.7V Ni-MH1.2V Battery Charger 4 Slots Independent Charging Portable 18350 16340 14500 Battery Charger

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* Touch control function, four slots work independently. There are two working modes: automatic AUTO and manual MANUAL. (The system default is automatic AUTO, automatic current distribution)
* Multiple charging currents optional (250mA / 500mA / 1000mA / 1500mA / 2000mA / 2500mA / 3000mA). 3 gears discharge current: 250mA / 500mA /750mA.
* Various specifications (18650/26650 ...... / AA / AAA) into the battery charger.
* In CHARGE mode, 4 channels work independently, each channel can select different charging current and detect charging capacity.
* In DISCHARGE mode, 4 channels work independently, each channel can choose different discharge current and detect discharge capacity.
* TEST mode, the normal battery capacity detection process includes three steps (1 charge, 2 discharge, 3 recharge) to check the battery capacity process.
* Multiple safety protection functions of over-charging, over-discharge, short-circuited and can automatically Identify broken/defective battery(will not charge bad batteries). Charging under constant voltage and current.
* This product uses an independent LCD display, including battery type (Li-ion-3.7V, Ni-MH1.2V), working mode (AUTO/MANUAL), battery channel (CH1-CH4), working mode (CHARGE/DISCHARGE/TEST /REPAIR), charge and discharge capacity(mAh), charge and discharge time(h), charge and discharge current(mA), battery voltage(V), battery power percentage, the battery internal resistance (mΩ), temperature ℃, etc.
* Different channels can work in different modes (CHARGE, DISCHARGE and TEST, REPAIR four modes); independently set charge/discharge capacity detection/normal capacity detection functions.

Brand Name: LiitoKala
Type: lii-600 
Type: Battery Charger 
Color: Black
Input: AC100-240V, 0.7A
Output: DC12V / 5A
Package Size: 26 * 17.5 * 5cm / 10.2 * 6.9 * 2in
Package Weight: 760g / 26.8oz

Package List:
1 * Battery Charger 
1 * Power Adapter