Type-C Docking Station Transfer High-Definition Multi-media Interface Docking Station Dual USB 4-in-1 Docking Station USB3.0 Hub Portable Multi-Function Hub

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This is a video transmission adapter, support data transmission, High-Definition Multi-media Interface output terminal support 3840 * 2160P / 30Hz video resolution, output device high-definition display, LCD TV, etc. (requires the device itself with type C protocol)

Support four interfaces at the same times, efficient and convenient, can simultaneously carry out data transmission, projection, chargings and other functions.
High-Definition Multi-media Interface interface, support 4K * 2K (3840 * 2160), 30Hz refresh rate video output, high definition, nice visual effect.
The mobile-phones or tablets can be connected to the TV, the viewing or game experience is better, and the large screen can be enjoyed.
Improve office efficiency, external display, large screen clear display, effectively improve efficiency.
Help children learn online and put it on the big screen to protect their spines and eyesight.
It can connect a variety of USB devices, such as keyboard, mobile-hard disk, etc. to solve the problem of notebook interface insufficient and meet the needs of users.
Read data, read video, pictures, etc., expand OTG function, mobile-office more convenient. (mobile-phones / tablets needs to support OTG function)
Type-C chargings, support 5V-2A chargings.
Aluminum alloy material, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, nice heat dissipation, long service life.

Material: aluminum alloy+PVC+ABS
Wire length: 113mm (including plug)
Screen: support 4K * 2K downward compatibility
Data: USB3.0 quick transmission
Type-C: 5V, 2A (data transmission is not supported)
USB3.0: 5Gbps, 500MB/S    
USB3.0: 480bps, 60MB/S
High-Definition Multi-media Interface: 4K/30Hz    
Item size: 80 * 29 * 12mm / 3.1 * 1.1 * 0.5in
Item weight: 31g / 1.1ounce
Package size: 172 * 98 * 24mm / 6.8 * 3.9 * 0.9in
Package weight: 36g / 1.3ounce

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1 * Docking Station