SADA D-238 Desktop Computer Speaker Super Bass Subwoofer 4D Stereo Speakers 3.5mm Wired Soundbox USB Powered 30HZ-15KHZ Dust-proof

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2 Speaker +2 guide vent + independent subwoofer, 5-unit sound, 4-D stereo large volume, enjoy cinema level shock, presenting high quality sound quality.
Professional design of G-level antimagnetic technology to overcome the natural enemies of current noise.
Adopt the anti-magnetic core piece, and cooperate with the design of double magnetic circuit, so that the positive and negative electromagnetic cancels.
Create a cool desktop effect with blue light atmosphere, and turn off the light with one click.
USB speaker power, 3.5mm audio plug to play music.
Independent bass bubble and independent volume adjustment button.

Brand: SADA
Model: D-238
Frequency Range: 30HZ-15KHZ
Output Power: 3W
Channel: 2.1
Size: 400mm*80mm*60mm&100mm*100mm*205mm
Separation: ≤35dB
Signal to noise ratio: ≤65dB
Supply voltage: DC5V-1.0A
Package size: 45*22*12cm
Package weight: 1385g

Package List:
2 * Speaker 
1 * User Manual