Portable Hanging Neck Fan

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This portable neck fan frees your hands, 360° rotatable neck and 3 gear wind speed adjustable, you can adjust it freely according to your need.
Ideally for home, office, travel, sports and so on. Wear it on the neck when doing sports outdoors and put it on the desktop indoors.

Portable neck fan free your hands, you will not feel tired or uncomfortable for a longtime, easy to use.
3 gear wind speed adjustable, just press the powers button to adjust.
Built in 2000mAh/ 4000mAh Long-Lasting batterys, 5-12 hours running hours after a full charged.
360° rotatable neck, 180° rotation, you can adjust the wind direction.
Bladeless design, you don't have to worry about hair being caught by fan blades.
Ideally for person cooling, indoor and outdoor sports, like camping, running, reading, etc.

Material: ABS
Color: pink, green, white(optional)
Batterys capacity: 2000mAh, 4000mAh(optional)
Charged input: D C7.7V, 2A(Max)
Powers: 5W
Wind speed: 3 gears
Charged time: 2.5 hours(2000mAh), 5 hours (4000mAh)
Work time: 5-12 hours(2000mAh), 2.5-4 hours(4000mAh)
Package size: 239*165*53mm/9.41*6.5*2.09in
Package weight: 425g/15oz

Packing List:
1*USB Cable