YJ-5038 Triangular Wooden Alarm Clock

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Leisure simple style high definition screen electronic clock, digital temperature humidity display, intelligent voice-control function, the screen brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels, 2 ways to offer energy, zero radiation is safer.

Energy-saving mode, voice control automatically lights up the screen.
The brightness of the screen will be automatically reduced during a certain period of time. 
The screen brightness supports manual adjustment, 3 levels are optional.
Real-time temperature and humidity display, digital changes, clear and obvious.
Up to 3 alarm clocks can be set, built-in workday alarm clock, clear division of work.
2 charge way, replaceable cell and USB cable, flexible change according to your needs.

Model: YJ-5038
Color: Bamboo 
Display Screen: Light-Emitting Diode
Screen Light Color: White
Shape: Triangular 
Display Type: Figure
2 Charge Way: 4 * AAA Cell, USB Cable (included)
Material: MDF + ABS + PVC
Adjustable Brightness: 3 Gears
Package Weight: 200g / 7.05ounces
Package Size: 150 * 80 * 70mm / 5.91 * 3.15 * 2.76in

Packing List:
1 * Alarm Clock 
4 * AAA Cell
1 * USB Cable