Thicken Stainless Steel Family Use Rectangle Tray

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Superior stainless steel thicken deepened bakeware, rectangle flat-bottomed, inner large storage space, heat-resistant material, washable anti-rust, arc smooth border design, prevent hand scratch.

Stainless steel material, high hardness, durable and wear-resistant.
Double electrolytic treatment, anti-rust, washable, heat resistant.
Stable chemical property, will not produce harmful gases and substances, can rest assured that heating.
Thicken deepened solid rectangular shape, enhance inner storage space.
Multiple purpose such as baking bread, barbecue, vegetable dish and fruit plate.
Arc smooth border design, prevent hand scratch.

Size: Small, Medium, Large 
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel 
Shape: Thicken Deepened Rectangle Flat-Bottomed Tray 
Features: Washable, Anti-Rust, Wear-Resistant, Prevent Hand Scratch
Package Weight: 950g / 33.51ounces
Package Size: 450 * 350 * 20mm / 17.72 * 13.78 * 0.79in

Packing List:
3 * Bakeware