Nano Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty Washable Removable Traceless Nano Gel Grip Mounting Tape for Home Office Fix Carpet Mats 2CM*1 Meter/3.28FT

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This double-sided adhesive tape is transparent and flexible, easy to remove, it will not leave traces on the wall or any surface. 
The tape can be stuck to almost any smooth, cleaned and non-porous surface and stay there, you can cut it to any size according to different needs and uses.
Washable & reusable, when the stickiness of anti-skid pad is weakened by the adhesion of dust, it only needs to be cleaned with water, and then it can be restored after drying, sturdy and durable.
The heavy-duty mounting tape is made of Nano-gel material, which can maintain high viscosity on smooth, cleaned and non-porous surfaces for a long time
You can use it to fix or pasted items such as drive recorder, car decorations, poster, picture frame, pen holder, hanging hook, small tools, decorative patches, charge socket, wall clock, wall decorations, small items, etc. Suitable for office, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and other places.

Color: Transparent
Material: Nano-PET
Size: (W*L): 20mm*1 Meter/20mm*2 Meters/20mm*3 Meters/20mm*5 Meters
                   30mm*1 Meter/30mm*2 Meters/30mm*3 Meters/30mm*5 Meters (Optional)
Package size: 130*95*20mm/5.12*3.74*0.79in(20mm*1 Meter) 
                      130*110*20mm/5.12*4.33*0.79in(20mm*2 Meters)
                      130*120*20mm/5.12*4.72*0.79in(20mm*3 Meters)
                      140*130*20mm/5.51*5.12*0.79in(20mm*5 Meters)
                      130*95*30mm/5.12*3.74*1.18in(30mm*1 Meter) 
                      130*110*30mm/5.12*4.33*1.18in(30mm*2 Meters)
                      130*120*30mm/5.12*4.71*1.18in(30mm*3 Meters)
                      140*130*30mm/5.51*5.12*1.18in(30mm*5 Meters)
Package weight: 55g/1.94oz(20mm*1 Meter) 
                           86g/3.03oz(20mm*2 Meters)
                           128g/4.52oz(20mm*3 Meters)
                           220g/7.76oz(20mm*5 Meters)
                           81g/(2.86oz(30mm*1 Meter) 
                           129g/4.55oz(30mm*2 Meters)
                           195g/6.88oz(30mm*3 Meters)
                           325g/11.46oz(30mm*5 Meters)

There should be no dirt such as ash, water, oil, wax on the surface of the adhering object avoiding affecting the sticking effect.

Packing List:
1*Roll Tape