4 Inch Artificial Floating Lotus

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The Lifelike Lotus Flower is high-grade and reusable. It will make a great addition to decorating the pond, fish tank, fountain, pool, birdbath, and so on. You can enjoy a beautiful and realistic-looking fake lotus flowers and summer vibe all year round.

[Weather Resistance]They are not afraid of collision, not breaking, not rotting, not stinking, whether it is open-air, high temperature, and other environments do not affect its normal visual effect.
[Easy to Install]You could just let them float freely on the water. Or you can connect the lotus flower one by one with a string (not included) since there is a small hook on the back of every lotus flower.
[High-quality]Made of high-quality EVA material, lightweight and durable, more realistic in color, texture, size, and shape.
[Fine Workmanship]The color of our Fake Lotus Flowers is bright and beautiful. Green at Bottom of Ornament.
[Lifelike]Simulated Lotus Flowers have the same appearance and size as real ones, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false without careful observation or weight weighting.

Types: Type 1;Type 2;Type 3;Type 4;Type 5 (Optional)
Color: Multicolor
Material: EVA
Shape: Lotus
Fixed Method: Floating
Occasion: Fish Tank, Pool, Countertop Decoration
Item Diameter: 10cm / 3.93inch
Package Size: 10*10*4cm / 3.93*3.93*1.57inch
Package Weight: 4g / 0.14oz

Package List:
1 * Artificial Lotus Flowers