USB Charge Electric Infant Nasal

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Electric nasal aspirator, 3 gears adjustable suction, built-in music and colorful light to calm infant's mood, replaceable eco-friendly silica gel suction head, soft skin-friendly, washable, health and safety, ergonomic radian design, comfortable operation.

Digital electric quantity display, suction gear display.
3 kinds of nasal nozzles can be freely replaced according to different concentrations of mucus.
Silica gel suction head, skin soft, washable, health and safety.
Ergonomic radian design, comfortable operation.
Colorful lights attract your infant's attention and prevent it from moving.
Built-in music to calm the infant's mood.
The suction of 3 levels can be adjusted freely.
Built-in lithium cell, short charge time, long use time.
Interface button operation, simple, easy and quick, sensitive response.
4 kinds of black head suction nozzle interchange, the vacuum suction is gentle and does not stimulate, does not tear the skin.

Color: Mint Green, Pearl White (optional)
Material: Lastics + Silica Gel
Charge Way: USB Cable 
Type: Steam Pump 
Adjustable Suction: 3 Gears
Replaceable Silica Gel Suction Head: 3
Replaceable Blackhead Suction Head: 4 (optional)
Cell: 1 * Built-In Lithium Cell, 3.7V 700mAh (included)
Package Weight: 
   310g / 10.93ounces
   390g / 13.76ounces
Package Size: 
   170 * 100 * 55mm / 6.69 * 3.94 * 2.17in
   170 * 150 * 55mm / 6.69 * 5.91 * 2.17in

Packing List:
1 * Electric Infant Nasal 
1 * USB Cable
3 * Silica Gel Suction Head