HX-1180F 12W Aquarium Filter

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Target: This submersible pump is designed for fountains, fish tanks, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems and etc. 
Parameter: voltage: 220v-240v; power: 12w; HMAX: 0.8m; FMAX: 1000L/H.
Strong suction cups: The strong suction cups allow the pump to stick to any smooth flat surface vertically or horizontally. 
Multi-function: It can realize water circulation. The internal filter material can keep the water clean and facilitate the adhesion of microorganisms. Besides, it can also increase the concentration of oxygen by creating a lot of bubbles. 
Easy to clean: You can clean the filter sponge directly with no other tools required.
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Name: Aquarium filter
Model: HX-1180F
Material: ABS
Plug: EU
Voltage: 220v-240v 
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 12w
HMAX: 0.8m 
FMAX: 1000L/H
Size: 170*85mm

Package information:
Size: 20*10*8cm
Weight: 350g