Portable Vacuum Head

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The interface is American Standard by default, this product does not have telescopic rod!!!
The suction head is one of the main parts of the swimming pool suction machine. It is the pioneer of the suction machine. Driven by the suction pump, the suction head sucks up the dirty things in the swimming pool, and then transmits them to the filtering place for filtration through the suction pipe connected with it. The suction head is a waist shaped suction head with bottom and side brushes. Humanized design, good absorption effect, simple operation, high quality and low price.

Put all the suction heads together, and you will see it at first sight, because it is white and has a special shape, waist shape. It's very beautiful.
Any good product should not only be beautiful, but also be used. The brush design of the suction head is very human. It spreads out to the outside. At the same time, according to the demand, the length of the brush is different. It is very suitable for the parts that are difficult to clean at the joint of the pool bottom and the pool wall (this is a headache for many pool workers, because the ordinary suction head can't absorb there).
Handle can be moved from top to bottom, easy to absorb dirt, simple to operate, material thickening, quality assurance.
Snap-Adapt handle fits standard 1 1/4"" telescopic pole
Fits both 1.5"" and 1.25"" vacuum hoses with swivel connection
Overall dimensions: 3.75""H x 14""W x 8""D

Package size:40*37*26cm
Package weight:840g

Packing list:
1* Vacuum Head