4Pcs Airbrush Cleaning Kit

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Use cleaner in the airbrush, and trigger the airbrush to blow cleaner through the airbrush and it will be be trapped in the jar. This is much better than spraying unused paint & cleaning solution into the atmosphere. 

Glass bottle and a handle keeps the cleaning pot in balance.
Durable lid is made of solvent proof material.
When flushing through your airbrush, you can prevent the spray from going over yourself and your work area by containing the spray in this cleaning station - and it also serves as a handy airbrush holder.
Eliminating over spray and mess in your work area.
Add solvent to your airbrush's color cup and spray through the rubber port in the cover, flushing the pigment from the brush and into the pot.

Material: Stainless steel
Package Weight: 520g / 18.34ounces
Package Size: 360 * 345 * 345mm / 14.17 * 13.58 * 13.58in

Packing List:
1 * Waste Liquor Collection Pot
5 * Nylon Brushes 
1 * Golden Needle Tool
5 * Stainless Steel Needle Tools