Hepa Filter Kit Side Brush Set for Eufy RoboVac 11S 15C 30C Room Cleaning irobot Parts Side Brush Replacement with Brush Clean

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Made of high strength and eco-friendly material, designed for a long service life.
Powerful & quiet rolling brush help to extend the service life of your machine. The premium HEPA filters can capture fine dust,leaves no dirt behind, truly give you a clean home.
Set includes 4 sets of high efficiency filters, 4 side brushes, 1 rolling brush and 1 cleaning Brush. Get a full kit rather than having to order separately,saving your time & money.
Easy to install.Replacement parts is easy to install, no tools required and save a lot of time.
Replacement part accessories kits are cleverly designed to compatible with RoboVac 11S 15C 30C perfectly.

Material: Plastic+Paper
Main Brush Length:15.8cm
Side Brushes:5.2cm
Packing Size: 20*11*8cm
Packing Weight: 150g

How to replace your filter:
1.Press release button on dust collector and pull it out.
2.Open filter door and remove old filter unit.
3.Install new filter unit and close filter door.(Make sure the black sponge filter on the bottom )
4.Insert it in dust collector to be locked into place.
How to replace your side brush:
1.Turn RoboVac over to access side brushes.
2.Use two hands to remove old side brushes.
3.Pull firmly on bristles to remove.
4.Push down on new side brushes to get it snapped into place.
How to replace the rolling brush:
1.Push release tabs to remove brush guard.
2.Firmly grip old rolling

Warm tips:
Keep your RoboVac running at peak performance by changing the the consumable replenishment kit every 2~3 months,depending on your use.

Packing List:
1* roller brush
4* filter
4* side brush
1* cleaning brush