3600 Miles 4K Digital Indoor TV Antenna

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The antenna can help you watch free full 4K HD channels, watching digital TV programmes without paying high fees.
Ultra-thin design, environmental-friendly flame retardant PC soft material, providing moisture and lightning protection for the antenna.
Can pick up signals up to 3600 miles, user-friendly.
Equipped with a 9.8ft coaxial cable, signal booster, USB adapter, convenient for using.
The antenna is easy to install, can be placed anywhere you like, do not need power source.
Compatible with TV converter boxes and hundreds of 4K Ultra High Definition TVs like for ABC, for CBS, for NBC, for PBC, for Fox etc.

Working Frequency: 177MHz
Impedance: 75Ω
Voltage: 5V
LNA Gain: 25dB
VSWR: ≤ 5
Length: 3m
Color: Black
Weight: 150g/5.3oz
Size: 21*12*2cm/8.3*4.7*0.8in

Package List:
1*4K Digital Indoor TV Antenna
1*USB Adapter