Digital Egg Incubator

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This automatic smart incubator, which can hold 30 eggs at one time, is suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, other poultry and bird eggs. It is integrated designed and made of brand new material, high-quality and durable. With multiple functions of auto egg turning, auto temperature control and so on, the hatcher is widely used for household, laboratory or teaching use!

High capacity of hatching 30 eggs, built in fans with low noise, circulates air for evenly distribute the inner temperature.
Suitable for hatching chicken, duck, pigeon, quail eggs, other poultry and bird eggs, perfect for household, laboratory or teaching use.
Integrated egg incubator, transparent upper lid for conveniently checking hatching conditions. Brand new material, high-quality and eco-friendly, durable to use.
Bionic automatic egg turner simulating hen hatching mode, automatically turning eggs.
Automatic temperature control, displays the current temperature and humidity.
Sensitive temperature and humidity sensors enable you to adjust hatching conditions timely and improves hatching rate.
The adjustable temperature range is 20-39.5℃, easuy to operate by buttons. Easy to adjust humidity by adding water through water filling hole outside.
Comes with poly foam, protects the egg hatcher when in transit and provides an extra heat preservation when hatching eggs.

1. The eggs for hatching must be fertilized eggs.
2. Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channel when needed (normally every 1-2 days).
3. Don't open the lid frequently when the chicks start to hatch, you could fill water through kettle.

Plug: AU Plug
Voltage: 195-245V
Color: Red + Transparent
Material: ABS
Capacity: Hold 30 Eggs
Power: ≤45W
Item Size: 40 * 9cm / 15.7 * 3.5in (Dia. * H)
Package Size: 46.5 * 45 * 14.5cm / 18.3 * 17.7 * 5.7in
Package Weight: 2312g / 5.1lbs

Package List:
1 * Egg Hatcher
1 * Power Cord
1 * Water Kettle
1 * User Manual (English)