Full Body Bath Pillow Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Luxury Cushion

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Love to have a long relaxing bath after a long day of work? Are you tired of your tailbone and back aching after only a short time in the tub? If that's the case, then don't worry, this amazing bath pillow & bath mat all in one is exactly what you need! 

This full body pillow takes the pressure off your tailbone and back while offering an extra thick head rest.
30 large powerful suction cups really grips your surface, designed to stay put on any smooth surface.  
Chemical and odor resistant, simple to clean without worry of wear and tear.
With the hollow out design, water and air will flow in & out of it with ease, drying the bathtub pad quickly and effortlessly. 
Ultra soft and smooth to the touch with, enjoy your bath time.

Material: PVC 
Color: White
Item Size: 1.25 * 0.36 * 0.01m / 4.10 * 1.18 * 0.03foot
Package Size: 0.36 * 0.16 * 0.08m / 1.18 * 0.52 * 0.26foot
Package Weight: 410g / 14.46ounce

Packing List:
1 * Bathtub Mat