Trimmer Head 6 Steel Brush Cutting Head

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Adopts 65Mn blades, it is of high hardness and has double-sided cutting edges, very sharp, durable to use.
With a 1in hole fit for most straight shaft trimmer, suitable for Stihl, Homelite and Husqvarna trimmers, make sure it fits yours before purchase.
Easy to install, helping you to remove the weeds more efficiently.

Mounting Hole Diameter: Approx. 25.4mm/1in
Diameter: Approx. 25cm/10in
Height: Approx. 0.5cm
Material: Manganese Steel
Color: Red & Black
Weight: 443g/15.6oz
Size: 22*19*2cm/8.7*7.5*0.8in

Package List:
1*Trimmer Head