6.56ft Flexible Misting Stand

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A flexible mist stand can be used anywhere there is an outdoor hose faucet. Delivers very fine mist to significantly cool the air in the hottest summer weather. The hose can be in your garden, patio, Umbrella, swimming pool, and can also be used for washing and playing with your pet.

[Cooling the Heat]Cools the surrounding area up to 20 degrees. Let your family, your pets, and flowers spend a cooling summer.
[Flexible]6.56ft long freestanding and pliable, so you can manipulate it to fit a variety of different shapes and heights.
[High-quality]The nozzle material is made of high-quality brass, which is not easy to corrode, strong and durable, and can be used repeatedly.
[Widely Applicable]You can let the hose stand on the floor or entwine the hose around patios, lounge chairs, desks, and more.
[Money Saving]Misting stand directly uses tap water spray to cool down, No electricity consumption, and saves energy, and very environmental.

Tube Length: 2m / 6.56ft
Material: Copper, PE
Color: Black
Shape: Foldable Snake
Style: Practical
Application: Chair, Floor, etc
Occasion: Home, Office, Garden
Package Size: 35*30*2cm / 13.77*11.81*0.78inch
Package Weight: 306g / 0.67lb

Package List:
1 * Misting Stand