Vegetable Plant Seedling Box

HKD 375.76 210.55

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This seedling box is a good helper for planting vegetables at home. It enables you to eat the healthy vegetables planted by yourself. 

Moisturizing and Insulation. It peovides good growing  environment for the plants.  
Transparent cover. Convenient for you to observe the growing situation of the seedling. 
Durable plastic which is light weight, convenient for carrying and not easy to be damaged. 
Suitable various vegetables or fruit planting such as tomato, mint, chili, strawberry, etc. 
Seedling boxs make roots easier to grow and improve the survival rate. 

Item Colour: Blue, purple (optional)
Material: Plastic
Package Size: 
150*150*110mm/5.9*5.9*4.3in (1 pcs)
220*150*110mm/8.7*5.9*4.3in (2 pcs)
Package Weight:
50g/1.8oz (1 pcs)
100g/3.5oz (2 pcs)

Packing List: 
1*Seedling Box