2021 Easter Decoration The Rattan Circle Wreath

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Easter decoration retro rattan circle wreath with the lamp, be dotted with delicate cloth bows, rabbit ears and carrot, high hardness cane circle, wrapped around yellow warm light beads, delicate exquisite sweet. 
2021 Easter decoration the cane circle wreath.
The double cane circle design, the top have a rope to suspend.
Delicate polished rattan circle, smooth surface, prevent hand scratching.
Be dotted with  cloth bows, rabbit ears and carrot.
Wrapped around yellow warm light lamp string, delicate exquisite sweet atmosphere.

Main Material: Rattan
Decoration Material: Cloth
Color: Pink, Blue (optional)
Cell: 2 * AA Cell, 3V 3000mAh (included)
Package Weight: 180g / 6.35ounces
Package Size: 400 * 210 * 30mm / 15.75 * 8.27 * 1.18in

Packing List:
1 * The Cane Wreath