40W Manicure Flat Plate Dust Collector

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High-efficiency 40W strong suction manicure flat plate dust collector, fine filter screen, ultra-low noise, quick adsorption of nail crumbs, keep the table in clearing, avoid people inhaling dust and coughing

40w wind strength, single fan, large suction.
Ultra-low noise work, quick clearing, no leakage of dust.
Fine mesh filter screen, strong adsorption of fine dust.
Pull-out type replaceable filter element, reuseable, easy to replace and install.
Simple one-key switch button, easy to operate.
Stripe cooling mouth, ensure the machine is not easy to heat when working.
The bottom four corners of the machine are designed with non-slip pads.

Rate Of Work: 40W
Cover Material: ABS
Filter Screen: Pull-Out Type, Replaceable
Package Weight: 800g / 28.22ounces
Package Size: 260 * 250 * 100mm / 10.24 * 9.84 * 3.94in
Plug: 2 Types (optional)

   There are different plug specifications to choose from, please choose the one suitable for your country.
Packing List:
1 * Manicure Dust Collector 
1 * Filter Screen
1 * Plug