100W TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amp Board NE5532 OPAMP 8-25V

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High performance power amplifier chip as the core, DC single power supply operating voltage 8-25v wide, 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) dual channel output, efficiency up to 90%.
Can use switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, battery or car power supply, etc.
In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the horn ohm number, the smaller the relative sound power, please note!
The normal operation is to connect the external power supply and digital power amplifier, and then connect the 220 V power line of the external power supply into the test socket.
With the pre op amp ne5532 buffer matching. Better than the tpa3116 with no front drive on the market.
Subwoofer is delivered by default.

Power supply range: DC8-25V
Power Port: standard 5.5mm power jack
Number of channels: mono(Subwoofer output)
Output power: 100W
PCB size: 75X60MM
Turn the knob to the bottom to turn off the state
Package Size:15x10x3cm  
Package Weight:100g

Package List:
1xDigital Power Amp Board