AC 125/250V 20A Reset Thermal Switch Overload Protection Circuit Breaker Overload Protector

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Features: Operating Voltage: AC 125/250V; Power Rating: 20A.
Extra Protection: When load exceeds rated current, the switch reset button will automatically cut off the circuit, and thus play a role in protecting the line.
Reseat Switch Design: This switch can be reset after a disconnect over a period of time, then you can press the reset switch to use it again.
Circuit Protection: Compact design enables high density circuit protection configuration. Made of durable plastic, high quality and long service life.
Wide Application: Circuit breaker reset button can be used for many applications. It is widely used in automotive, industry and ocean industry.

Color: Black
Operating Voltage: AC 125/250V
Current: 20A
Package Size: 17*11*5cm
Package Weight: 22g

Packing List:
1xOverload Protector