4.2V Handheld Spot Welder Automatic Welding Tools Adjustable for 18650 21700 32650 Lithium Battery Support 0.1-0.15mm Nickel Sheet

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The welding machine itself has overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, and overtemperature protection. 
Lithium battery protection: charging to 4.2V can prevent battery expansion.
When in the off state, thanks to the low power consumption feature, it can be standby for up to one year.
Two ultra-high rate model airplane lithium batteries, the discharge peak value can reach 630A+, all high-current circuit layouts, use infrared thermal Imaging to optimize the design, and better share the discharge current.
Short-circuit protection of the soldering pen.

Color: black shell, brass soldering pen
Size: 110mm x 85mm x 30mm
Suitable for 0.1mm-0.15mm nickel plating
Output voltage:3.2-4.25V(Low voltage protection shutdown)
Output current:400-600A(varies according to welding material)
Package Size:15x15x5cm
Package Weight:491g

Note:Please read the manual carefully before use!

Package List:
1 x Main Body of Spot Welder
2 x Brass Soldering Pen 
2 x Soft Silicone Wire
1 x Charging Cable