LC100-A Digital LCD Capacitance Meter High Precision Inductance Capacitance L C Meter 1pF-100mF 1uH-100H,with Test Clip

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LC Meter is based on the LC resonant principle, add in high speed microcontroller's precision computation.
Wide measurement range and high precision, it's measuring range is below 1uH and 1pF.
Plug 5V adapter, LC-100A can be powered by a mini USB interface or 5V power adapter with Φ5.5DC Socket.
Especially qualify in microwave manufacture and measuring switching power supply transformer , filter inductance and soon.
Small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Model: LC100-A
Supply power: +5V, mini USB interface
Measurement accuracy: 1%
Capacitance measuring range: 0.01 pF - 10uF (The minimum resolution: 0.01 pF)
Inductance measuring range: 0.001 uH - 100mH
Big inductance measuring range: 0.001 mH - 100H (The minimum resolution: 0.001uH)
Test frequency range: L/C about 500KHZ/Big inductance 500HZ
Effective display digits: 4 digits
LCD display mode: 1602
Package size: 14*8*4cm
Package weight: 105g

Package list:
1 x L/C Meter Board LC100-A
1 x Mini USB power cable