Electric Rivet Gun Adapter Kit,Cordless Rivet Gun Tool Riveting Insert Electric Hand Drill Set

HKD 427.13 237.95
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The shell is made of high hardness aluminum casting material, which is durable and stronger.
It's not tiring to work for a long time, and the human body feels comfortable holding it.
Alloy steel forged gun head, durable, labor-saving and efficient.
The handle is made of hard plastic, and the surface is non slip.
The high strength link rod can better match the gun drill.

Usage: Draw 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8mm core-pulling rivets
Main material: aluminum alloy
Package weight:485g
Package size:20X5x3cm

User Manual:
1. Adjust the drill to a suitable gear.
2. Open the electric drill chuck, insert the adapter and forward clamp joint.
3. Turn on the reverse function of the drill until the sound of "dada" is heard, and then put in the willow nail of appropriate specification.
4. Then turn on the forward rotation function to align the drilling hole and insert the willow nail.
5. Then turn on the reverse function and exit the willow nail.

Package List:
1 X riveted adapter
1 X auxiliary handle
4 X rivet head
1 X wrench