Motorcycle Heating Handle Autocycle Handle Heater Pad for 12V Motorcycle ATV Scooter 1.18 Inches to 1.42 Inches

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Intelligent over-voltage protection,safer for you and your car.
Three-stage adjustable temperature, anti-skid, wear-resistant, high-temperature design.
Connect the heating pad of the heating handle to the 12V battery and heat it in about a minute,keep your hands warm in winter.
No drilling installation,ultra-thin heater, only 1MM thin heater,just stick on the handle easy to install.
IP67 waterproof design, hand heater can be washed in water, if not used, can take off (please do not put the harness into water).

Waterproof Grade: IP67
Product Voltage: 12V
Handlebar Installation diameter: 30mm-36mm
Working Temperature: - 40 F ~ 194 F (- 40 C ~ 90 C)
Package Size:21*12.1*3.5cm/in
Package Weight:208g/7.3oz

Package List:
1*Full Set of Wiring Harness for Insurance Slice
1*Switch with CNC
1*Tie band

1. If the voltage exceeds 17 Vdc, the heating handle will stop working and enter standby state.
2. After working continuously for one hour, it will switch back to standby state to avoid overheating. It is necessary to reopen the switch to continue working.
3. It is suggested that low power should be selected first and then switched to high power according to temperature.
4. This is only applicable to DC 12V batteries, wiring failure will also lead to product failure.
5. The junction box can only be used for heating the handle, not for other equipment.
6. If you don't ride a motorcycle, don't turn on the switch to avoid overheating the heating pad.
7. If the heating pad is not used for a long time, remove it from your hand and close the waterproof cover in the harness to prevent short circuit.
8. The heating pad can be washed with water, but not in the washing machine.
If the outdoor temperature is 15 C and the temperature can be adjusted in the range of 50 ~90 C, the heater is not in a constant temperature state. According to the weather and outdoor temperature, the corresponding temperature will also change and affect the rubber sleeve, handlebar metal, when the windshield, gloves and other factors, so it can only be referred to, according to personal needs and weather. Gear adjustment, working continuously for one hour will switch back to standby state, to avoid overheating, need to re-open the switch to continue to work.