Foldable Portable Home Household Kitchen Bathroom Wrench Bathroom Maintenance Wrench Socket Sink Repairing Tool Multifunctional Twistable Bend Pipes with Double Horizontal Bubble

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When you need to repairing your water heater, faucets, sink or other things at home, you will find that the ports are very small and difficult to install smoothly. With this tool, you will not have to worry about this problem, it is easy to use, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

With the foldable function, suitable for the small space, short distance and the corner of pipes to use.
The he-ad with 4 strong mag-netic, can be used as adsorption and detection, which is convenient and easy to use.
Can be used as broken wire extractor, used for cold and hot water faucets hose broken wire extraction.
The spanner comes with two horizontal bubbles, making the measurement results more accurate, convenient and practical.
The he-ad using the zinc aluminum alloy material, which has long service life, you do not need to change it often.

Material: ABS
Package size: 242 * 62 * 62mm / 9.5 * 2.4 * 2.4in
Package weight: 302g / 10.7ounce

Packing list:
1 * Repairing Wrench