Precision Marking Ruler T-type Hole Ruler Stainless Woodworking Mark Line Gauge Measuring Tool

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The scale is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
A wide range of uses: designers, architects, engineers, students, but also classrooms, schools, offices and families of good helpers.
Assurance and accurate scale for easy operation.
Clear figure scale printed, easy to read.
It also has anti-rust and acid resistance,and safety and environmental protection.

Style 1:180mm-Right angle ruler
Package Size:20x4x2.5cm   
Package Weight:40g

Style 2:200mm-T-type Hole Ruler
Package Size:32x12x2.5cm   
Package Weight:100g

Style 3:300mm-T-type Hole Ruler 
Package Size:32x12x2.5cm   
Package Weight:145g

Style 3:400mm-T-type Hole Ruler
Package Size:40x12x2.5cmcm   
Package Weight:175g

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