KKmoon 2600pcs 130 Values 1/4W 0.25W 1% Metal Film Resistors Assorted Pack Kit Set Lot Resistors Assortment Kit

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This Resistor kit includes 130 resistance values ranging from 1Ω to 3MΩ, 2600pcs in total.
Durable and easy to install, very convenient to use.
Delivers high precision and stability and automatic insertion is applicable.
Very popular among the electronic enthusiasts.
Perfect for power boards, axial design, widely used in electronics, such as TV, speaker, Amps, etc.
Ω 1.2Ω 1.5Ω 1.8Ω 2.2Ω 2.4Ω 2.7Ω 3.3Ω 3.6Ω 3.9Ω
4.3Ω 4.7Ω 5.1Ω 5.6Ω 6.2Ω 6.8Ω 7.5Ω 8.2Ω 9.1Ω 10Ω 12Ω 15Ω
18Ω 20Ω 22Ω 24Ω 27Ω 30Ω 33Ω 36Ω 39Ω 43Ω 47Ω 51Ω
56Ω 62Ω 68Ω 75Ω 82Ω 91Ω 100Ω 120Ω 150Ω 180Ω 200Ω 220Ω
240Ω 270Ω 300Ω 330Ω 360Ω 390Ω 430Ω 470Ω 510Ω 560Ω 620Ω 680Ω
750Ω 820Ω 910Ω
1KΩ 1.2KΩ 1.5KΩ 1.8KΩ 2KΩ 2.2KΩ 2.4KΩ 2.7KΩ 3KΩ 3.3KΩ 3.6KΩ 3.9KΩ
4.3KΩ 4.7KΩ 5.1KΩ 5.6KΩ 6.2KΩ 6.8KΩ 7.5KΩ 8.2KΩ 9.1KΩ 10KΩ 12KΩ 15KΩ
18KΩ 20KΩ 22KΩ 24KΩ 27KΩ 30KΩ 33KΩ 36KΩ 39KΩ 43KΩ 47KΩ 51KΩ
56KΩ 62KΩ 68KΩ 75KΩ 82KΩ 91KΩ 100KΩ 120KΩ 150KΩ 180KΩ 200KΩ 220KΩ
240KΩ 270KΩ 300KΩ 330KΩ 360KΩ 390KΩ 430KΩ 470KΩ 510KΩ 560KΩ 620KΩ 680KΩ
750KΩ 820KΩ 910KΩ
1MΩ 1.5MΩ 2MΩ 3MΩ

*20pcs per resistance value, 2600pcs in total.

Material: Metal
Package: packed in box / packed in bag (Optional)
Quantity: 2600pcs (130 values, each value 20pcs)
Model: Resistor 1/4W
Resistance Range : 1Ω ~ 3MΩ
Resistor Type: Wirewound
Tolerance Rating: 1%
Termination Style: Axial    
Maximum Operating Temperature: 85 ℃(185 ℉)
Resistance Rating: 1ohm-3Mohm
Power Rating: 250 mW
Total Length: 6cm / 2.36"
Package Weight: 369g / 13.01oz
Package Size: 16 * 12 * 6cm / 6.29 * 4.72 * 2.36in

Packing List:
1 * 2600pcs 1/4W Resistors Assortment Kit