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This product is an useful tool for you to use in your home, car and so on place, you can use it to sterilizing the air and peculiar smell, which has a long service life, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

Multifunction: this product suitable for refrigerator disinfection and deodorization, food preservation, can also be used in closed environments such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, cupboards, socks bags, underwear boxes and can also be used for disinfecting the interior of cars.
This product can 360-degree comprehensive deodorization and sterilization, safe, and also efficient, which can give you a better using experience.
Ozone sterilization, energy saving and low consumption, easy deodorization, quiet operation, exquisite and compact, one-button operation, sterilization without consumables, ecological and environmental protection.
Disinfection and sterilization, decomposing formaldehyde, removing odors, purifying air, preventing mildew and deodorization, and keeping refresh for a long time.
This product is easy to carry, so you can carry it with you to anywhere you want to use it.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Circulation mode: After power on, enter the cycle mode, work for 10 minutes and stop for 6 hours, and then stop for 6 hours for every 3 minutes. The indicator light is blue breathing light.
Single-mode: press one time is the single-mode, and stop after 30minutes, the indicator light is green, and press one time again is the 60 minutes mode, the indicator light is purple.
Test mode: Quickly press three times to enter the test mode to test whether the fan, ozone and indicator light are working normally, and the red, blue, green and purple lights change in cycle.
Recharging mode: Slow flashing red light when recharging, red light long on after full recharge.
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 1800mAh (included)
Rated input: Direct Current 5V
Rated power: 3W
Amount of ozone: 60mg ozone for one hour
Package size: 140 * 133 * 44mm / 5.5 * 5.2 * 1.7in
Package weight: 370g / 13.1ounce

Packing List:
1 * Ozone Sterilizer
1 * USB Recharging Cable
1 * User Manual