Household BT Amplifier Outdoor Speaker Street Guitar Performance Amplifier Stringed and Keyboard Instriment Speakers

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This product is perfect for stringed and keyboard instrument. Apply to personal practice, band rehearsals and small gig.

8in coaxial import horn combination, full frequency range, delivers full and natural tone for acoustic guitar and microphone.
Built-in rechargeable battery for 6-8h operating time.
There is a 9V power output interface, which can provides power to other devices at the same time.
Compatible with BT devices such as mobile phones, computers, etc. Easy wireless connection.
Loud sound with compact size, you could take it to anywhere you wanan go.

Color: black
Output power: 40W
Battery: 3.7V, 1500mAh
Item size: 345 * 310 * 290mm / 13.6 * 12.2 * 11.4in
Item weight: 5000g / 11.0lb
Package size: 380 * 350 * 320mm / 15.0 * 13.8 * 12.6in
Package weight: 7836g / 17.3lb

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