WEST BIKING Waterproof Bicycle Bag Rain Cover Reflective Shoulder Backpack Cover Outdoor Equipment

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This is a protective cover for a backpack that will keep your backpack from getting wet when you're outdoors and will better protects your backpack and the contents of your backpack.

Reflective straps design: There is a large reflective strips attached on the back of this backpack cover to offer visibility for the drivers at night.
The elastic rims can control the size of the rain cover, making it attaches firmly on your backpack.
Perfectly suitable for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing and other outdoor activities.
You don't have to worry that your backpack cover blowing away in strong winds.
Portable and small after folded, easy to carry.
Prevents rain and dust.

Type: S,L (optional)
S: capacity: 7.5-18L
L: capacity: 16-33L
Color: black
Material: polyester
Package size: 180 * 100 * 90mm / 7.1 * 3.9 * 3.5in
Package weight: 68g / 2.4ounce

Packing List:
1 * Bag Rain Cover