1 Pair Compression Arch Support Brace with Gel Ankle Protector Compression Flat Foot Socks with Gel Inserts Insole Cushion for Ankle Arch Pain Relief

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This Compression Arch Support Brace with built-in gel cushion pads is worn inside to protect the ankle,provide flat-footed support,and increases the function of the arch pad.

The brace through surrounds the arch and ankle with spandex compression,provides flat-footed support to relief foot pain.
Built-in soft gel pads are fixed in the socks to avoid sliding around in shoes,makes you stand and walk comfortably.
Comfortable,thin and elastic spandex and PU fabric,easy to clean and wear.
One size fits most feet,suitable for men,women and teenagers.
Comfortable to wear inside,suitable for most stockings and most shoes.
Suitable for high arch,ankle sprain,flat feet and so on.

Material: Spandex & PU
Package Size: 14 * 10 * 2 cm / 5.5 * 3.9 * 0.8 in
Package Weight: Approx. 43.8 g / 1.5 oz

Package List:
2* Compression Arch Support Brace