TWO TREES Sapphire Pro CoreXY 3D Printer DIY Kit


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Full sheet metal structure design for high stability; 3.5 inches LCD full color touchscreen, easy to understand and operate.
Double turbo fans; BMG double gear extruder, strong extrusion force, smooth feeding.
Hot bed fixed on z axis, less movement and fewer points of failure. Auto-leveling frees you from time-consuming and labor-intensive leveling tasks.
Support filament run out detection, timely remind filament shortage or cut-off filament.
Resume printing function, when the power is restored, the printer will continue to print from the interruption point.
The XY axis use TMC2208 256 subdivision silent driver, achieve high-precision printing, reduce noise, make printing speed up to 300mm/s.
Max. 235*235*235mm printing size, support various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, Wooden Filament and more.Support multi-language operation.(English,Chinese,French,German,Russian,Korean,Spanish)
In special period, if you are interested, you might try printing your own masks or goggles with the 3D printer to give you and your families and friends a safety guarantee.

Model: Sapphire Pro
Color: Black
Plug: US
Working Environment: 110V 360W
Machine Material: Sheet Metal + Aluminum Profile
Number of Nozzle: 1
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Hot Bed Size: 235*235mm
Print Size: 235*235*235mm
Printing Accuracy: ±0.01mm
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.0025mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Printing Method: TF Card/Online Printing
Display: 3.5 Inch Touchscreen
Print Speed: 300mm/s(max.)
Extrusion Head Temperature: 260℃(max.)
Hot Bed Temperature: 120℃(max.)
Printing Material: PLA, ABS, PETG, Wooden Filament and more
Material Diameter: 1.75mm
Operating Language: English,Chinese,French,German,Russian,Korean,Spanish
Software Format: STL, OBJ, JPG
Print File Format: Gcode
Support Software: Cura, 3DprinterOS, Repetier-Host and other slicing software
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac
Working Temperature: 5-40℃
Working Humidity: 20-60% RH
Machine Size: 40.5 * 38.0 * 46.0cm / 15.9 * 15.0 * 18.1in
Machine Weight: 11.5kg / 25.4lbs
Package Size: 50.0 * 43.0 * 25.0cm / 19.7 * 16.9 * 9.8in
Package Weight: 14.0kg / 30.9lbs

The color of 200g PLA filament is random.
4G TF card is included.

Package List:
1 * 3D Printer Kit