TOPPING D10S Mini Audio HiFi Decoder Digital USB Decoder DAC XMOS XU208 ES9038Q2M PCM384KHz DSD256 Line Out LED Display Screen

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D10S has the ability to hard decode DSD64-DSD256; PCM signals from 16bit-32bit/44.1-384kHz are also supported.
It uses XMOS XU208 for USB interface and uses a customized driver for better compatibility with high-resolution audio files, especially DSD native.
D10S will switch on and off in sync with the computer. Perfectly solves the problem that some USB devices still work after the computer is turned off.
Accurately indicate the audio format (PCM or DSD) and the sampling rate of the playing music. Orange LED is soft and not dazzling even at night.
Equipped with an OP amp socket, which is convenient for experienced players to change their favorite OP amp to get different sounds. It is not recommended for non-professional users because of the risks involved.

Connect to active speakers:
Connect D10s to your active speakers. D10s provides not only DSD and higher-specification PCM compatibility but also a better sound quality than your computer's built-in sound card or a regular DAC.
Connect to power/headphone amp:
You can connect the line out of D10s to the input of your amplifier/headphone amplifier, to make D10s be one part of your HiFi system. D10s will greatly improve sound quality in the case of playing high-resolution files.

Color: Black, Silver (Optional)
Item Size: 14.6*10.3*3.7cm/5.74*4.05*1.45in
Package Size: 21*15*6.5cm/8.26*5.90*2.56in
Package Weight: 500g/17.63oz

Package List:
1 * D10S USB Decoder
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual