2PCS 5654W Electronic Tube Vacuum Tubes Replacement for 6AK5/6AK5W/6Zh1P/6J1/6J1P/EF95 Pairing Tube Amplifier DIY

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Each package contains a pair of fully tested and matched 5654W Vacuum Tubes.
Substitute for 7-pin 6AK5/6AK5W/6Zh1P/6J1/6J1P tubes. It can directly replace WE-403A/403B/EF95 and ordinary 5654. And can be used for the device that comes with 6J2/6J3/6J4/6J5/6K5 as a replacement.
These 5654W tubes show you the difference in natural voice reproduction and simple musical. They sound more clear with an emphasis on clarity, larger soundstage, and bass response is more noticeable. Hear the difference, enjoy your music.
High reliability and stability. HiFi and soft sound, low noise.
It is fuller, wider soundstage. The treble is smoother and bass is clearer and more pronounced while more complex music was more defined.

Note: Replacing the wrong type of tube may damage your amplifier. If you are not sure this 5645W can be used as a replacement for your audio device, please check with your amplifier manufacturer.

Model: 5654W
Type: Electronic Tube
Material: Glass, Metal
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 2pcs
Package Size: 7.5*5.5*2.5cm / 3.0*2.2*1.0in
Package Weight: 23g / 0.8oz

Package List:
2 * Electronic Tube