50Pcs/Set Interdental Brush

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50PCS Interdental brushes in mixed colors, enough quantity and different styles fit for family use.
Clean the mouth, remove food residue, convenient and effective.
Maintain healthy and white teeth, gently massages and stimulates gums, helps to keep gum healthly.
Lightweight and portable, fit for home, travelling, working use, easy to store.
The ultra soft bristles will enter the teeth gap easily, decreasing the irritation and eliminating bleeding.
The Interdental brush come covered with a clear plastic cap to keep them sterile safe and clean. You can put them into your pocket so that you can use them anywhere and anytime.
The comfortable grip make brush easy to grab and convenient to manipulate them in between your teeth.

Type: Interdental Brush
Material: Plastic+Nylon+Steel
Color: Red+Blue+Light blue+Orange+Green
Quantity: 50Pcs/Set
Package Size: 12*5.5*2.5cm / 4.7*2.2*1.0in
Package Weight: 80g / 2.8oz

Package List:
50 * Interdental Brush