BSIDE BTM11 Handheld Infrared IR Thermometer Laser Infrared Thermometer Laser Temperature Gun IR Temperature Tester 12:1 Object Distance Ratio -50~580℃ Measurement Range with K-type Thermocouple

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The handheld infrared thermometer is a high-performance and high-quality instrument. It has functions of emissivity adjustment, maximum value, high and low temperature alarm setting, etc. With the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, small size, light weight and simple operation, this reliable thermometer measures the surface temperature of objects quickly and non-contactly, which can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, railway, electricity, textiles, metal processing, energy conservation and other industries.

Infrared IR Thermometer: wide testing range of -50℃~580℃ (-58~1076℉), 12:1 object distance ratio.
K-type Temperature Probe: non-contact temperature tester, also can be measured with the K-type probe.
HD Colorful Screen: with backlight for clear reading even at night or under the strong light.
Liquid Measurement: also for measuring the temperature of water, oil and other liquid, the measuring angle should be maintained at around 45~60° to protect the temperature sensing zone from the smoke or water vapor.
Temperature Difference Alarm: when the temperature is exceed the setting range, the alarm light turns red. And the highest and lowest temperature limit can be set freely.
Emissivity 0.10~1.00 Adjustable: to achieve higher precision result when measuring different materials.
High Precision Sensor: high quality sensor provides fast and accurate temperature measurement.
Other Functions: with backlight, data hold, ℃/℉ conversion, low battery reminder, and automatically power off after 30s.
Suitable for furnace, power industry, solid metal, mechanical equipment, chemical industry, heating channel, steel processing, forging industry, oil temperature baking, etc.

Material: ABS
Temperature Measurement Range: -50~580℃ (-58~1076℉)
Measurement Accuracy: 
0~580℃: ±(1.5%+2℃); 32~1076℉: ±(1.5%+5℉)
50~0℃: ±3%℃; -58~32℉: ±5%℉
K-type Probe: Yes
Object Distance Ratio: 12:1
Display Resolution: 0.1℃ (0.1℉)
Response Time & Wavelength: <500ms, 8~14um
Emissivity: 0.01~1 adjustable (step size 0.01)
Repeatability Precision: ±5~±1℃(2℉)
Laser Aiming: <1mW 650nm
Laser Grade: Class II, <1mW
Wavelength: 650nm
Screen Display: Colorful screen
Over Range Display: "HI" or "-LO"
Working Temperature: 0~50℃
Working Humidity: 10~95%RH not condensing
Storage Temperature: -20~60℃
Auto-off: 30s
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA battery (NOT included)
Item Size: 138 * 102 * 45mm / 5.43 * 4.02 * 1.77in 
Item Weight: 106g / 3.74oz 
Package Weight: 182g / 6.42oz 
Package Size: 16 * 10.5 * 5.5cm / 6.30 * 4.13 * 2.16in 

Package List:
1 * Thermometer
1 * Thermocouple
1 * Pouch
1 * Manual (English)