LED Lights Display12 V Vehicle Motorcycle Battery Tester Auto Car Battery Test Reverse Protect Function

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The tool can quickly detect the car battery condition and recharge level with the corresponding LED to display, suitable for battery cars, motorcycles 12 V batteries such as cars, motorcycle and so on (except for 24V batteries). Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

Multifunction functions: this tool can not only for to check the battery recharging level, but also for the starting capability test, battery function test and battery overload display.
The internal se-curity chip ensures stable operation, which also high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.
Quick and accurate display of battery test results, it also can be detected directly in the car without removing the battery, which is convenient.
It also shows the heal-th condition of battery, and the signal testing through low frequencies does not require an external recharging.
It can direct check if the car's recharging voltage is normal, and also can detect the starting voltage of the car.

Material: ABS
Color: grey
Test mode: positive and negative test clips
Voltage ran-ge: 4V~12 V
Package size: 125 * 60 * 20mm / 4.9 * 2.4 * 0.8in
Package weight: 57g / 2.0ounce

Packing list:
1 *  Battery Tester